interpreted by Vishnu Hoff

A Little About Vishnu


Vishnu has had an interesting range of careers, all of which have informed his photographer's eye to varying degrees.

For many years he worked in motion picture production, primarily as a camera assistant or a camera operator. Projects ranged from well paying commercials and industrials to fair paying feature films and documentaries to non-paid but infinitely more satisfying independent films. This includes the first Russian / American co-produced Independent Feature, Banya, shot entirely on location in a small village in the former Soviet Union the same year the Iron Curtain fell.

He’s also worked for over 14 years as a medical photographer specializing in retinal imaging. This span was interrupted by a return to school where he studied Industrial Design at RISD, and there have been overlaps and just plain old lapses, to pursue various other sidelines.

The motion picture cameraman's eye for movement and tension comes through in many of Vishnu’s still images- one can feel the fluidity of the action playing out in the viewfinder, an anticipation of what's going to happen next.

What you're seeing here are images from Vishnu’s various travels and investigations- a peek in to the neo-burlesque community in New York City, religious ceremonies in Bali, forays in to nature, and many treasured moments documenting the experiences of a humanitarian organization that he helped to start- laid out as a response to Walt Whitman’s preface to Leaves of Grass, (1855), Your Very Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem, which he finds resonates with his sensibilities.